home remedies for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that thins your bones up. This Means that the amount of minerals in your bones is reduced. Thus, the tissues of your bones deteriorate slowly and make your bones fragile. There are a lot of reasons and causes for osteoporosis. Lack of calcium, age, deficiency of estrogen (on women), among others, can lead to this condition. However, if you or someone you know are struggling with osteoporosis, there is no need to worry. In fact, there are a lot of home remedies for osteoporosis which can help you to strengthen your bones and relieve the pain.

Here are some natural ways in which you can treat osteoporosis:

  • Dandelion tea: it’s properties are meant to increase the minerals present in your bones. Thus, it improves the density of your bones.
  • Almond milk: Almond milk has more calcium than dairy products. You can just add almonds to cow or soy milk to make an amazing almond milk.,
  • Reduce the intake of red meat: Meat reduces the calcium in your bones. Try reducing your monthly income of red meat and you will increase the calcium in your bones.
  • Dairy products: Dairy products are a great source of calcium. Include cheese, milk and the like to fight osteoporosis.